Where do you find the energy? Do you hit the gym a lot? Eat right? Do you have a good sleep schedule? Have you hit the sweet spot for a proper work/life balance? Are you happy? Where? Where does your energy come from? Sure, it can be any of those things. They’re all positive. But […]

A lot of people have asked me what a typical day in Haiti is like. The answer always evades me. There’s nothing ordinary about this place. Some nights, it’s as quiet as a church. Other nights, you can hear a gun shot in the distance and you’re quickly reminded that this is not a vacation, […]

Each update made me more and more excited. Sometimes pictures are just not enough. We are building something. It feels like we’re taking something back from the earthquake’s devastation. Putting a foundation down. Literally, a foundation. A footprint that says Team Broken Earth and our amazing supporters like Columbus are here in Haiti to stay. […]

This is all too familiar. Early, early rise. Drive to the airport in the dark. The cold still biting. The city’s still asleep. The airport lit up like a greenhouse. This can be the toughest part sometimes… times when I am not so psyched about the trip. To be honest, sometimes I am just exhausted. […]