Night flights. This strange quiet takes over. And the light changes oddly by the hour. Not exactly sure where I am. Somewhere over the Atlantic heading west. Chasing the sun. The contrast of day and night becomes evident. Daylight over Greenland while becoming night in Dhaka and Bangladesh. It all tends to mess with my […]

There’s a picture I’m sure you’ve seen. Been all over social media and the news. It’s of a young man holding a tiki torch and shouting. Shouting so hard you can see the tendons in his neck. He’s with a larger group of young men all doing the same. All white supremacists. It gave me […]

Leaving never gets easier. And though I know it’ll be a 2-day commute to get to my destination, it’s this part that’s the hardest. The kids clinging tight the way only kids can, asking you in little voices not to go. The look in Allison’s eyes and that extra long squeeze. It’s just so damn […]