You hear the word “team” used a lot. In sports or in business, even in medicine it gets tossed around quite a bit. For us on the ground in Haiti, it just means something more. It’s not a title or a description, it’s a mantra. It’s a pledge. It’s a fellowship that’s well-earned. A test […]

The last blog was a tough one to write. Times like that you look for the little mercies in life. A child’s smile. A recovery. A tiny bit of good news to give you just a little lift. I got that by way seeing one of our patients a previous team had helped treat with […]

I feel like I need to start with an apology! Usually at this point in a trip I have written at least once but it has been so very busy here in Port au Prince. We arrived Tuesday and our awesome team hit the ground running as they usually do. Long, long days but so […]