Nothing jars you from sleep like a clap of thunder. I gasp and I’m awake. The kind of awake where you feel your heart pounding in your chest and you know there’s no getting back to sleep tonight. Lightning fills every corner of the room. Takes only a second for me to remember where I […]

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon. That time when the last moments of summer find the chill in the air and you know the leaves are holding onto their colours for only a few more weeks. Instead of playing soccer in the front yard with my kids, I’m frantically packing the last few items and heading […]

No matter what the job or occupation, most people can admit to, at some point, being overwhelmed by their work. Doctors are no different. I know I’ve felt it. And it comes in different disguises too. You might think it would be patient workload or the emotional toll of some cases where the only news […]