Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen. Caught myself in a moment of staring at my hands today. It’s been busier than I remember here at the hospital in Port au Prince. Non-stop. Case to case. Meeting to meeting. Like a river of issues and answers flowing through this place and you’re trying hard not to let the current […]

I needed a few minutes to myself. But that’s an almost impossible ask in hospital as busy and as open as Bernard Mevs in Port au Prince. Funny how the conditioning kicks in. As soon as the team touched down here in Haiti this week it was like we heard a starter pistol and the […]

There’s an art to fly-casting. How you hold the rod. The action of your wrist. Your ability to coax the line to your will until a rhythm takes the fly exactly where you want it. Late summer sun still over the trees. The rippling river ebbing and flowing beneath your knees. I don’t think I […]