To quote Ocean’s 11, are you in or out? I’m all in.

I remember asking Alan Doyle one time about the feeling he gets walking on stage. The thunder of applause. The energy in the room. All eyes on you. He flashed that mischievous smile of his and said, “there is absolutely nothing like it.” I got a little taste of that last night and I’ve been smiling ever since.

For those who came to the event at the ALT Hotel yesterday evening and for everyone who sent messages of love and support, I can tell you it meant the world to me and my family. Walking up to that room is a moment I’ll always keep with me. I think I squeezed Allison’s hand a little too hard, held the kids a little too tight. I’ve been in big rooms before. Given talks about orthopedic procedures or Team Broken Earth on countless occasions to all sizes of audiences. But walking into that packed room filled me with an energy that I’ve never felt before.

So, I’m in this now. All in. I’m running for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Newfoundland and Labrador. I have a reverence for public service and take its calling very seriously. Even more so, I take seriously the trust that you and all my friends and supporters have placed in me. This is the energy source I will draw from.

In the coming days, I’ll be laying out my vision as to where I want to take the province if I win the leadership. Strike that. Where we will take the province. Because I believe in inclusiveness. That what matters most is the best idea, no matter where or from what party it comes from.

One important thing I’ve learned from years in the OR is that you are only as good as those surrounding you. Thanks again for believing in me. And if I can be so bold as to ask one favour? Spread the word on what we, together, want to accomplish. Knock on a few doors. Make a few calls. Have hope that we can make a difference and act on it. In return, I promise I won’t let this province down.



PS. Want to join our team? Please reach out here.

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March 4 at 7:18 pm, Doreen Ryan said:

Dr. Furey
I wish you the very Best in the days ahead. God Bless


March 4 at 7:19 pm, Louise Munro Krueget said:

Dear Andrew congratulations on your new political journey. May it be everything you’’ Hoping it to be. Best regards. Louise Munro Krueger


March 4 at 7:27 pm, Alice Collins said:

I’m all in with you, Andrew.
Like 30 for 60 all in.


March 4 at 7:28 pm, Doug king said:

Yes please I believe in Andrew Furey, his goals will be set reached, and accomplished, he see things in 1 way, look at what his done with team (broken earth) and his team.. best of luck Andrew.. thanks Doug..


March 4 at 7:34 pm, Rena said:

Wishing you all the best Andrew and hoping you make a positive difference in this province in every way possible. We need new ideas and sensible solutions. Cheers


March 4 at 7:42 pm, Doug said:

All the best Andrew You will accomplish anything you do, looking forward in supporting u in your up comming as the premier of our province.. she was lost but now shes found.. I’m really hopping you win. All the best.. Doug


March 4 at 7:39 pm, Ruth Rose said:

I hope everything goes as you hope and plan as we need someone like you so badly! You have me on your side 100%


March 4 at 7:39 pm, Israel Akpadiaha said:

I wish I lived in NL so I could not only vote for you but work for your campaign.

Congratulations! Your province is lucky to have a dedicated leader in you. I wish you continued success.


March 4 at 7:46 pm, Jerry said:

Please … let the residents of our amazing province know how you will adapt our health care system to have better outcomes while saving $$. This will truly move this from a campaign to true leadership . Thanks for stepping up !


March 4 at 8:20 pm, Mona morrow said:

The room was electric and do happy to be part of it and also to catch up with your Mom & Dad and past members of the party. I spent over 20 years in various roles of the Liberal party fro m district/ federal riding presidents, to VO & secretary of the provincial to Chair of our Liberal Ball booklet to Chairing Provincial Conventions! And now rejuvenated, I’m ready to work my heart out to assist in your campaign. Given what you have accomplished in your young life, you have given us hope and we look forward to supporting a brilliant leader like yourself. Thank you for putting yourself forward to take on such a collosal job, but know you will ace it!


March 4 at 9:03 pm, Andrew Keoug said:

Thank you Dr.Furey for running for the Liberal leadership and premier of our great province .
Anxiously await hearing your path forward and addressing the challenges ahead


March 4 at 10:20 pm, Ethel Frampton said:

Dr Furey. Congratulations. I look forward to our future with you at the Helm. You are a bright ray of sunshine for our Province. Watched your News Conference last night. It gave me a great feeling about this province and its future. God Bless you and your beautiful family, they are no doubt dedicated too.


March 4 at 10:21 pm, Wendy said:

You have my vote Andrew. Hands down! About time we got someone who is willing to work hard for NL.


March 4 at 10:38 pm, Olive and Wendell Smith said:

Wishing you good luck and well wishes as you start your campaign. I have never had the privilege to meet you in person, but hopefully our paths will cross at one point of the campaign. I live in Arnold’s Cove hoping one of your stops on the campaign trail will be our town.


March 5 at 12:15 am, Alison Melvin said:

Wishing Dr. Furey every success in his bid for Liberal Party Leadership.


March 5 at 12:54 am, Bernadette said:

To new beginnings Doctor! Wishing you the very best!


March 5 at 2:20 am, Todd Churchill said:

Have you yet formulated a position on the discrimination of Deaf children in the NL education system? My wife Kimberly and I would be more than happy to have a constructive discussion of the issue with you to give you insight on the extent of the current situation. This will again be an election issue whenever the next election is.


March 5 at 2:53 am, Barbara Crann said:

Congratulations to you and your family on taking this giant step Andrew and thank you! Thank you for having the courage and passion to go all in! I truly believe in you and can’t wait to hear more about your vision. I’m all in as well! You have my vote and full support in helping all I can.


March 5 at 2:55 am, Lorraine Brown said:

Thank you for offering yourself as a candidate. NL needs you! Good luck!


March 5 at 3:05 am, ELIZABETH Parsley said:

Serving our Province as an MHA was such an honour. Working with you and your team will also be an honour to bring hope and dreams back to the people of our province! Your dedication and commitment is beyond words with broken Earth! Look forward to working with you!


March 5 at 11:40 am, Barbara Genge said:

You talked of Hope from plum point to st Anthony we have lost hope. Any opportunity connected to land for development for us hasn’t happened we need a person like you that can give us Hope. The only other person who ever talked and gave value to Hope was Dr. GRENFELL and look at his accomplishments. He helped the forgotten people of the North and I think you will to so you have my support on Hope alone.


March 5 at 2:49 pm, Carol & Austin Adams said:

Wishing you all the best. We really hope you become our next premier. Gonna miss you as a doctor but you need to follow a dream.


March 5 at 6:28 pm, Neal Kinden said:

congrats…look forward to working with you


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