Quarantine observations: I’m getting to see different sides to my kids. Maggie is a self-manager. She never has to be told anything. She’s a doer just like Allison. Mark is more of a free spirit. Takes things as they come. And Rachel, as the middle child, sits spiritually between the two. Like most parents, I’ve […]

The song she was playing sounded like “Saltwater Joys.” A fiddle version played by a young teen for her parents in a living room that could’ve been anywhere on the east coast. Just proud parents getting their daughter to play a tune for what the dad called “the COVID Kitchen Party.” Last night, this was […]

That Lennon song was on the radio yesterday when I started up the car. The first time I’d been out in a few days and everything felt remote. Like I’d come out of a coma and the world had changed in subtle ways. Strange days. It occurred to me that I’ve been in disaster areas […]