Like a lot of parents during the lockdown, Allison and I often found ourselves trying new or revisiting old ways of connecting with our kids. Introducing Maggie and Rachel to the John Hughes catalogue of awesomeness via Uncle Buck or Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Getting out for more hikes or honing my Switch skills with […]

I’m still processing the last 48 hours. There’s so much on the go, so many things accelerated that I feel like I’ve been lifted up in some funnel cloud and I’m not sure when my feet will touch earth again and for how long. Then news brings me crashing down hard. Getting a call that […]

I had a friend reach out to me late last week. We had been texting back and forth about some possible summer plans for our kids. He mentioned that we should grab lunch next week and discuss it. Lunch? Like at a real restaurant? Not a FaceTime call over last night’s leftovers? Funny how the […]

Quarantine observations: I’m getting to see different sides to my kids. Maggie is a self-manager. She never has to be told anything. She’s a doer just like Allison. Mark is more of a free spirit. Takes things as they come. And Rachel, as the middle child, sits spiritually between the two. Like most parents, I’ve […]

The song she was playing sounded like “Saltwater Joys.” A fiddle version played by a young teen for her parents in a living room that could’ve been anywhere on the east coast. Just proud parents getting their daughter to play a tune for what the dad called “the COVID Kitchen Party.” Last night, this was […]

That Lennon song was on the radio yesterday when I started up the car. The first time I’d been out in a few days and everything felt remote. Like I’d come out of a coma and the world had changed in subtle ways. Strange days. It occurred to me that I’ve been in disaster areas […]

It’s been quite a week. On one side, our dedicated team just returned from another successful medical mission in Nicaragua. On the other? Well, Newfoundland was hit with a once in a lifetime snowstorm and St. John’s is only now, a week later, just coming out of the state of emergency while still mostly buried […]

It’s dark out for the drive home from work. But it makes me smile. The colourful lights in the tress. Houses decorated from the simple to the Vegas-style marquee. Funny how a simple show of twinkling colour can instantly put you in the spirit of the season. I do love this time of year. In […]