Where’d the summer go?!? I keep talking about Broken Earth’s October trip like it’s months away and October is little more than a day away. Back in August, I made a quick trip to Port au Prince to meet my US partner in organizing a new Orthopedic Trauma Residency.  It really turned into an amazing […]

For a lot of us, both doctors and nurses, death is something we deal with on a regular basis. You learn to live with that. Separate yourself from it. Maybe it’s a survival mechanism that prevents you from emotionally burning out. You’ve got to keep your objectivity. You’ve got to approach things clinically. I hope […]

Despite what some think, I’m not exactly a fan of being in front of a camera! I put it right ahead of performing my own knee surgery without anesthetic. However, I have to put that aside and think of it as being about Broken Earth and what’s happening in Haiti… and not the fact that […]

Talking to team members last week, it struck me how quickly we all snap back in to our own routines. Work. Family. Sleep. Work. Family. Sleep. It does feels good but more often I think about the work left to do in Haiti. Last week, Deb Noseworthy did an amazing presentation on her experiences as […]

Been thinking about a question Anthony Germain asked me yesterday about the transition from working in Haiti and working here. I believe it’s made a little easier because there’s always such an amazing team around you in both places. I think that’s so important. Surround yourself with the best and it’ll make you better no […]

Early rise in Port-au-Prince this morning. Everyone got on the move at 4:45 AM. Bags to pack, final notes to write. Left the hospital around 7. It’s always an emotional moment. We’ve worked closely with the dedicated team at the hospital. They’ve become family to us. They care as much for us as we do […]

This is the last day of our ninth mission here in Haiti and it’s always hard. It’s hard because we still have to turn away patients. It’s hard because there’s momentum for change and you want to keep on pushing. To do more. To help who you can, how you can. Yesterday’s trip to a […]

Funny how hearing familiar accents can make you homesick. The BBQ at the Canadian Consulate last night was a welcomed break. So good to see the maple leaf! Premier Dunderdale even sent along a special message of support. Recharging our batteries. Our night got cut short as we got called back to the hospital for […]