Day 2: Little wins…

Amazing what a few good hours of sleep will do for you. Was up and at it early today. There’s no shortage of work and this is no vacation. The peds nurses had a rough night loosing a child but with the new day comes new beginnings with an early c-section and the welcomed cry of a newborn. A little win.

At the hospital where there’s already 5 total hip replacements booked for neglected injuries. Some of these people have been in traction for months. Either way, they are here, now, and after a couple of weeks of recovery their life will change. That’s a little win too. I believe in little wins.

Little wins can add up. Went to the general hospital today and it’s really reassuring to know we are improving care beyond what they have access to here. You can see the changes all around you. You can see hope coming back, little by little but it’s there.

This team is pumped. Dr. Rideout had a busy clinic and booked lots of cases already. He’ll be non-stop for sure. Dr. Squire and Dr. Straton have been in the OR for most of the day on a long complicated case. Andrew O’Brien is doing what he does best… lifting spirits with music. He sang to the spinal care unit and sang “Happy Birthday” to a patient. You should’ve seen the smiles.  Andrew’s also been pitching in as an orderly in the OR.  Such an amazing effort all round.

It’s only the second day but it already feels like we’ve accomplished a lot. More to do. More cases. More people to reach. More little wins to celebrate.

Keep all your good thoughts and well wishes coming… they keep us all going.

– Andrew