Day 2: the pace quickens…

It rained last night.

Did nothing to cool this place down.

Things are accelerating. Started the day off treating a femur fracture on a foreign worker to be evacuated out to the States. That kinda set the tone (no pun intended!).

As with previous trips, we’ve been seeing a lot of kids. Pediatrics has seen three with HIV that came in from a local orphanage run by a group from Montreal. The number of orphans here is heartbreaking enough but to see these young ones fighting this kinda battle is that much harder.

Art’s crew has assessed over 20 kids for surgery so that work’s just beginning. And Dave Jewer and a pediatric surgeon from the States removed a tumor from a child in a surgery that lasted over 4 hours.

Luckily, the child is stable.

Thankful for little mercies.

In the ER, we’ve run into a challenge of having five patients admitted with only two beds available. Dr. O’Dea and crew are seeing more and more orthopedic cases than we can handle right now.

Triaging. Do what we can do. And then do more.

Physio hasn’t stopped at all. Karen is mobilizing patients, making room for even more. Somewhere in between, we all find time to unload and organize the crate of supplies donated by LeDrews Shipping, Exxon and Eastern Health. It’s kinda surreal seeing old equipment with Eastern Health labels on it being unpacked by folks from home. Bit by bit the hospital needs are being met.

It’s a long road but we’re on it.

We’re always moving forward.

7 Responses to “Day 2: the pace quickens…”

April 29 at 9:15 pm, charles penwell said:

Karen {physio} is my daughter,so proud of her for doing this


April 30 at 12:14 am, Loretta Metcalfe said:

The world is surely a better place because of people like you. Thankful you guys are there.


April 30 at 1:08 am, Annie said:

Keep up the good work. The world needs more Great People like you!!!!!


April 30 at 12:44 pm, Sondria Browne said:

Thanks for the inspiration to continually figure out how to make a difference to those around us. I know its made a difference to me personally.


April 30 at 5:34 pm, Angela Jones said:

Thank you for blogging Andrew! Wonderfully inspiring!


April 30 at 7:51 pm, karen said:

The blog is great…we are all proud


May 1 at 3:15 am, Arlene Scott said:

So proud of you all….enjoying reading your blog


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