Day 3: the medical MacGyver, teaching & the possibility of clean water.

Last night was one of those surreal nights here. I’ve heard Haiti often referred to as the “land of a million orphans” but there are moments when the weight of that statement hits you.

Late last night, Mary O’Brien, one of our pediatric nurses and Dr. Melissa Angel ended up treating an abandoned orphan. This little one was obviously terrified but it didn’t take long for her to realize she was safe now. Mary and Melissa comforted her and helped arrange the social work this morning.

Take a moment and go hug your kids.

That’s how the day started.

Another busy day in pediatrics. Leigh Anne and Natalie diligently work away treating a variety of infectious diseases including meningitis. They haven’t stopped yet. It can be a real eye-opener, especially if it’s your first trip. Nurses Carla Pitman and Susan Morgan are in that boat. They’re driven by what they see. This place changes you. Humbles you as to how lucky we are in great north.

Still missing his luggage, Patrick Clarke went all MacGyver on us. He helped fix the ultrasound, the anesthesia machine and the downed CT scan… all with duct tape and some LEGOs. Kidding. Pat-of-all-trades.

Spent part of the afternoon helping to teach Haitian medical students with the local ortho surgeons. These guys will change lives here.

Tomorrow’s gonna be another big day. Thanks to our good friend Brendan Paddick, clean water engineers from Columbus Communications will be doing a site survey at the hospital for us. What a difference that’s gonna make. And tomorrow night the team’s been invited to a BBQ at the Canadian consulate. Nice little break there.

Night’s coming on. It’s tough to think about what lies out beyond the walls of the hospital. Sadly, most nights we have to turn people away because we’re way beyond capacity. You end up feeling a little guilty but that drives you to do that much more the next day.

G’night all.

– Andrew

13 Responses to “Day 3: the medical MacGyver, teaching & the possibility of clean water.”

April 30 at 11:46 pm, Ruth McDonald said:

Hi Doctor Furey, All of us back home are very proud of you and your team, I am Dave Jewer’s lst cousin and your friend Carol McDonald’s sister-in-law, i also worked in the same office for a number of years with your Uncle Chuck. Keep up the good work, it’s amazing and wonderful the positive differences all of you are making in the lives of the Haitian people. God Speed and safe travels on your return trip home.
Ruth McDonald


April 30 at 11:54 pm, Cynthia Slade said:

Great work everyone! You definitely makes us proud back here. Too bad you didn’t need a psychiatrist down there 🙂

Cynthia Slade


May 1 at 1:00 am, Pamela Pittman said:

I didn’t know this blog existed…now I do thanks to Facebook. It’s all just so incredible. Wish I had the schooling to take part in all this. Orphan stories heartbreaking. Imagine how much more difficult it would be if they were without Broken Earth!? Absolutely Amazing Andrew. Nice to see Mary in the pics too. Her smile would warm anyone who needs it.


May 1 at 1:09 am, Mary said:

Wow Great updates Andrew thanks!


May 1 at 1:52 am, Sonia said:

Keep up the great work, look forward to reading these everyday!!


May 1 at 1:54 am, Janet said:

“Do small things with great love.” Your team certainly walks the walk. We are proud of you all.


May 1 at 3:19 am, Arlene Scott said:

Thinking of you all and thee wonderful work you’re doing…..Nice to read your comments about Mary…..a true angel……


May 1 at 8:52 am, Merriam said:

What an amazing thing you are all doing, the more I read the prouder I am of my Daughter & the resat of the team….You are making us all so proud of you & the Broken Earth team.
The am also looking forward to reading these everyday !!


May 1 at 9:41 am, Martha Barnes said:

Enjoy reading about your adventures in Haiti and feel the adrenalin rush I know all of you are experiencing in the atmosphere that faces you. Kinda wish I was part of it. (can take the nurse out of the operating room , but not the operating room from the nurse) Good Luck, and wish you all well!


May 1 at 12:09 pm, A. Marie Mercer said:

Love reading your blog. Great work!!!
Mary has been a great nurse forever !!!! something to do with good instincts …….. perfect for the demands of this job….I would think. And spunkie as well……didn’t back down even when Bill Sprague threw a ph. at her!!!
Take care of each other, Cheers
Marie Mercer


May 1 at 7:14 pm, Jillian Angel said:

Very proud of my sister & all of you who have gone down to help out!


May 1 at 11:29 pm, Lynn Wade said:

Love reading the updates…have followed Team Broken Earth since the first mission. Need a lab tech?


May 3 at 1:24 am, Julie Afonso said:

Just finding this blog. So proud of your work. Love to my sweet brother Patrick.


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