Day 4: hard nights & the fidelity of hope

It was a tough night last for our pediatric crew. For us all. There were two kids brought in and the team did everything they could. Sadly, we lost both after every effort was exhausted.

We could use your good thoughts right now.

It’s Labour Day in Haiti so it’s a little less chaotic. Three orthopedic surgeries completed before 3 pm, including a donated hip replacement.

Two cleft lips repaired as well.

Everyone’s on their second, third and fourth winds.

Need some good karma. And it came in the form of the arrival of the engineers and hospital planners. These guys were assessing the needs of the hospital. Some major problems to overcome or, as they put it, “mountains beyond mountains.” I know we’ll get there. Plans are coming together that’ll include a water treatment facility to supply clean water for the hospital. Talk about something you take for granted. Clean water.

Good karma for sure. I know Brendan Paddick will punch me for saying this but I hope he knows what impact his involvement and generosity has had and will have here. He joined us here at the hospital two missions ago and saw the tremendous need first hand. The engineers were sponsored by Brendan’s company, Columbus Communications, and the impact of this project will change so many lives here.

Truly a blessing having him and his team onboard.

So thankful to all our supporters.

My mood’s changed so much since this morning. Feeling the hope again. That thing inside you that just reignites your spirit. We treated two more kids this afternoon. They came from Karen Huxter’s orphanage, not far from here. Karen is a fellow Newfoundlander doing the 709 proud.

The BBQ is tonight at Canadian Embassy. Looking forward to meeting the officials and taking a little break.

Back at it again tomorrow.

– Andrew

Ps. Thanks so much for the feedback, the follows and the kind notes of support. You guys really inspire us to do more and make you proud.