Day 5: BBQs, power failures & our amazing nurses

Funny how hearing familiar accents can make you homesick.

The BBQ at the Canadian Consulate last night was a welcomed break. So good to see the maple leaf! Premier Dunderdale even sent along a special message of support. Recharging our batteries. Our night got cut short as we got called back to the hospital for an emergency trauma.

The place was in darkness when we got back.

The generator was down but luckily Dr. Steve Major and Geralyn Lambe did an incredible job in stabilizing the patient.

Everyone knew what to do. Pediatrics kept on caring for patients with minimal light. So proud of this team!

Didn’t take long for the heat to settle in this morning.

Geralyn was back at it first thing with another trauma patient.

You’d swear MUN Med resident Steph Peters was doing this for years, handling the ICU like a seasoned veteran. 

This afternoon, Art and Frank got to spend several hours with local medical students. Can’t think of two better mentors.

Got a nice lift from the Grade 6 students of Beachy Cove Elementary. They made a $500 donation today to Project Stitch. Nice to see that kinda spirit in the next generation. Thank you so much! This will be a nice boost to this important project.

Part of the team is on a visit to a local orphanage. Can’t wait to hear their stories when they get back. Those kids are so special.

Been thinking about Geralyn and Mary and all the amazing nurses that I’ve had the great fortune to work with, here and at home. Their dedication. Their empathy. Their endless energy. It really keeps me going and I so much value their input and effort.

We have just 24 hours left on this trip and there’s still so much to do. Our team will operate through the night, make the most of that time.

– Andrew

14 Responses to “Day 5: BBQs, power failures & our amazing nurses”

May 2 at 9:03 pm, Lynda Hendrickson said:

One more report of an amazing day for the team. You have made such an impact on so many. Well done…over and over and over.


May 2 at 9:14 pm, said:

Well done. Have a safe trip home 🙂


May 2 at 10:08 pm, Michelle Murphy said:

Hats off to all of you for all your hard work and dedication! Looking forward to the stories when you return Geralyn!!


May 2 at 11:15 pm, Stephanie Pearson said:

Not sure if pride is a big enough word to describe how you make us feel with the work you and the entire team do. Your inspiring others to be better people and to do what we can to help others. You truly are an inspiration, hats off to you and team Broken Earth!! God bless you all, stay safe!


May 3 at 12:03 am, Linda said:

Way to go …so proud of you all.Safe trip home.God Bless.


May 3 at 12:36 am, Georgie Macfie said:

Well done. Great teamwork


May 3 at 2:02 am, linda thorne said:

Andrew, I think what you and your team have done and continue to do is amazing.So proud of all of you.


May 3 at 2:16 am, Sonia said:

safe travels!


May 3 at 2:43 am, Arlene Scott said:

You all have done so much for so many…’ve gone above and beyond and pushed yourselves to the limit both physically and emotionally……safe travels home my friends….


May 3 at 3:01 am, Maureen said:

What a difference you have made to so many lives–not just your patients !! An insperation to so many to help whether it is here in Newfoundland or there . How proud of you all we are here to give your time, expertise and compassion to those that are in so much need of it all.


May 3 at 2:06 pm, Renee Gibbons said:

Sitting here with such an immense feeling of pride. Team broken earth are doing such a wonderful job and a selfless job . It must truly be such an awesome experience but a truly humbling one as well. I am so proud of you all.


May 4 at 12:51 am, Daphne Greenslade said:

You are all so amazing, God bless, and safe travels back home.
Daphne Greenslade


May 4 at 9:18 am, Marilyn Warford said:

I am so proud and amazed at the work and dedication you guys are putting into these missions. It must feel so rewarding to know that you can help so many people in Haiti. I know you do terrific work here in Newfounland and I know how loved you Doctors are by your patients and not just the service you give but the people that you are. Bless you all.


May 4 at 2:36 pm, Rick Taylor said:

Thanks for the blogs. They have brought this experience home all the way to Oregon. I couldn’t be more proud. Well done.


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