Day 6: Last day for mission nine.

This is the last day of our ninth mission here in Haiti and it’s always hard. It’s hard because we still have to turn away patients.

It’s hard because there’s momentum for change and you want to keep on pushing.

To do more.

To help who you can, how you can.

Yesterday’s trip to a nearby orphanage did a lot to lift spirits. What an amazing place. Close 100 orphans, some with real medical issues but the pediatricians said they are doing well and extremely well cared for. So touching and uplifting to see. We brought food, clothes and soccer balls (always a hit with the kids). Thanks to all for donating. Wish you could the smiles on their faces. One little guy even ran away with Dr. Jewer’s glasses and wouldn’t give them back! Hope grows no matter what.

Day started before 7 in the OR.

Pediatrics is maxed with patients. One teen is being treated for a spinal cord injury. She was shot while trying to protect her mother. The bullet left her paralyzed and she can only turn side to side to avoid pressure sores. She’s such a smart kid. Sadly, bullet wounds are a common reality here.

The team decided to pitch in and get her an iPad so she can use it to for education and for enjoyment. Natalie and Leigh Anne did an amazing job… as usual!

We’re all feeling the fatigue but this is a team that, no matter how tired, sprints to the finish. After seven long days and nights, everyone’s still committed, still driven. We all plan on working late into the night on cleft lip repair. Sleep maters little when you can change a child’s life forever.

Again, thank you all for the comments on my blog as well as the comments on Facebook and tweets. Trust me, the team sees them and are so moved and inspired by them. For those looking to get involved or to donate, please visit

We’ve still got so much work to do Haiti. Keep well my Haitian friends. See you in October.

My 4-year-old asked my wife Alison “someday, when daddy is not working in Haiti, can he pick me from school?” That made me smile. Like everyone here, I can’t wait to get home to family and friends.

First thing for me will be a family date and a trip to a school parking lot.

– Andrew