Everything’s on overdrive…

Where’d the summer go?!? I keep talking about Broken Earth’s October trip like it’s months away and October is little more than a day away.

Back in August, I made a quick trip to Port au Prince to meet my US partner in organizing a new Orthopedic Trauma Residency.  It really turned into an amazing example of international teamwork. Met with the Haitian Minister of Health, the President of the Haitian Orthopedic Association, USAID officials, CDC officials, the Deans of two medical schools and the Canadian and US Ambassadors.  Lots of positive feedback for Broken Earth and great to know we are a part of this group effort!

 It’s been a wild ride lately. The team has had a busy summer that has included a garden party as well as our amazing second place finish at the Dragon Boat race. We also had our inaugural golf tournament “Golf Fore Haiti!” at Glendenning. Both events certainly helped with our funding drive for our work in Haiti. Most importantly, a special thanks to all the volunteers as well as everyone who participated!

 Sorry I missed happy hour at Shamrock City a few weeks back! I heard it was a great time. I was in Sydney, Nova Scotia giving a talk on Broken Earth. I do a lot of talking about Broken Earth these days. But more than talking, I like the doing part of this job! And with that, there’s lots of great news brewing…

 Our fall mission will be out biggest and longest yet and will encompass three teams from three different provinces! We now officially have a team from Nova Scotia joining us as well as a returning trip for our Calgary team! Between the three groups together, we are looking at almost a month on the ground in Port au Prince. Just the thought of that blows my mind. Imaging how many more people will receive help. Imagine how many lives will be touched.

 And for the first time our team is reaching out to rural Haiti. Dr. Dick Barter is leading this charge for us and we’re so excited about this important outreach. Can’t wait to hear back from Dick on this!

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 It does seem like everything’s on overdrive lately. Gotta slow down a little. Spend time with the family and get ready for an amazing autumn ahead.

 Talk soon!

 – Andrew