From the Hill You Can See All the Way to Haiti.

There’s no more iconic image of Canada than Parliament Hill. I’m sure I’ve been by here a hundred times and it still never fails to give me goose bumps. It’s something about the history, or just that kinship you feel in the heart of the nation. Standing in front of the flame with the peace tower in the background, it is hard not to feel your heart grow with pride.

As I walked the steps it struck me that this monumental building is something more. It’s a beacon of hope to the rest of the world. I know that sounds grand. But I really feel that it’s true.

For me, this trip also doubled as a twist on “take your kid to work day.” This time, I was the kid and loving it.   We rarely get to see people we love and care for working at their jobs.  We hear about them, hear from others how they perform, but rarely do we get to experience first hand at this time in our lives! So proud to be here with dad.

It was also equally thrilling to meet Team Broken Earth’s Ottawa team members, some of whom I only knew by email addresses.   It was like meeting lost family relatives!

But now it’s down to work. I am not going to lie to you, speaking on the hill was nerve racking. But the strength of the collaboration with our partners in Haiti made it easier.

Meeting with the Haitian Ambassador and seeing the passion and commitment he has for the partnership with Canada was inspiring.  The relationship between Haiti and Team Broken Earth has grown from a few individuals providing emergency relief to the people of Port au Prince, to a Canada-wide team of over 1000 volunteers, providing medical care and education to the people of Haiti.

On behalf of our entire team, from Vancouver to St. John’s, I assured the ambassador and our audience that Team Broken Earth would do whatever was asked, whatever was required.

Together, Canada and Haiti can be an example of how collaboration can not only change the face of a desperate patient, but in fact a people and indeed the world.