What is the essence of hope?

What gives you hope? That question is really why I am here today. Why I’m asking you to believe in me and what we can accomplish together. For me, I feel like everything in my life has been guiding me to public service. I chose to become a doctor because I wanted to help the people of this province in a very hands-on way. And from the many patients I’ve seen over the years, I still never get tired of helping Newfoundlanders and Labradorians literally get back on their feet.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from being a doctor and running a national charity is to never surround yourself with those who just want to talk about what can’t be done and opt to be with those who are working towards what will be done. It’s easy to focus on the negativity and the general feeling of hopelessness that sits around us as thick as the fog. We all have to see beyond that.

In the medical profession you look at the entire history before making a diagnosis. Yes, our province is in a difficult situation with our crushing debt and deficit. And we are all worried about Muskrat Falls and the looming rate increases. This level of concern and negativity is toxic. However, the diagnosis is not terminal. We must take the right steps now and act immediately on our unsustainable debt. Recovery means making the hard choices.

I tell you today, I’m ready to do exactly that. Because I see recovery as a group effort.

I will seek the best advice from top experts to deal with these issues. Under my watch we will reinvent government. And this overdue change will not just be generational, it will be transformational. We must be able to see beyond our issues if we are going to see our way out. And that, my friends, is the essence of hope.

Thank you for your support,
Dr. Andrew Furey