Homeward bound

As the minutes wind down on another trip everyone is exhausted, hot and in desperate need of a real shower! What a week though. Every time I think I’m getting used to this, Haiti proves me wrong. These medical missions are always fulfilling, busy and emotional for us all.  But above all, they are so rewarding.

The ER staff has been busy and the nurses have been covering different shifts, helping each other out.  That’s true teamwork.

The peds unit is always the hardest but again the nurses came through, pushed through some hard shifts and rose to a level above what anyone could expect.

The ICU once again was over flowing with the sickest patients in Haiti but our resident doctor, Dr. Stone, got it done in style.

We had a birthday today.  Our physio, Susan Baird. Not going to say how old but she is spending it in Haiti with the team. That’s commitment!

Perhaps the person who needs the biggest break is Dr. Dick Barter.  He has been down here for almost three weeks.  You would never say it.  His spirits are always high and his work ethic pushes us all to be a little better. Dick’s commitment to the people of Haiti is something we should all be truly proud of.

My 3 year-old son cried this morning when he woke because I wasn’t home.  Someday I hope he will understand. But for now it is a sign, not just for me but for all the hardworking members of our team. We need to get home.  We may be headed north but our hearts are big enough that a piece stays in Haiti.

Thank you all for reading and sending your kind words of support. It truly energizes us all.

– Andrew

4 Responses to “Homeward bound”

October 26 at 9:54 pm, Maureen Sheppard said:

Have a safe, well earned return to the Rock. A heartfelt Thank You to all the team for its dedication and compassion.


October 27 at 2:46 am, Mary Trask said:

CONGRATS! Great work!!!!!!!!


October 27 at 3:58 am, janet said:

A parent’s head and a parent’s heart…trying to balance it all keeps you human, folks. Proud of you


October 23 at 11:32 am, Pauline Dingwell said:

Thank God for people like you . Safe travels back home . You are all heroes .


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