Mission End, Part 2: Long road home

It’s been a long week in Port-au-Prince. I am super excited to get home and see Allison, my kids and take a long, long shower. 

We have only a few hours left here and it truly has been another amazing experience. The team just gelled as they always do in these crazy circumstances, and all were working in unison. We really are larger than the sum of our parts.

In a weird way it is tough to leave.  I will miss the sounds, the smells, the patients and our new team family.  Everyone always asks why do you go back?  That’s why. The patients who need our help. The amazing people so eager and willing to give it.  

It’s been non-stop here. Last night I met with senior doctors in Haiti last night to ensure as many participants as possible get the benefit of the teaching we are offering.  That’s so important for the medical infrastructure here. And today, I had a great opportunity to secure some space to store materials and help our good friends at Project Stitch.  Jo and Scott are incredibly dedicated to giving these often forgotten patients their lives back. To treat them with the dignity they deserve. It is an honour to be a part of it.  

Meanwhile on the compound, there have been three multiple-injured patients come in over night and all hands are on deck once again, sprinting to the finish line.

In a bizarre twist, we saw a man who got shot in the head… wait for it… TWO DAYS AGO… and walked into hospital asking to be assessed.  The X-ray showed a bullet in his skull… like I said in a previous blog, this place never ceases to surprise you.

We have all worked so hard and are all exhausted but excited to get home to family and friends. Passing the baton to the Dalhousie team next. I have no doubt they’ll be amazing.

Many of you have sent such amazing notes of support for the team. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it and how it lifts us up to do more for the people of Haiti. Thank you so much for that. Please keep it up. It truly does help.

From 33 degrees in Port-au-Prince to 1 degree in St. John’s, see you all soon.

– Andrew

14 Responses to “Mission End, Part 2: Long road home”

April 4 at 6:21 pm, loisbarbour said:

I follow all your blog posts with interest, even while recently on the beach in Jamaica! 🙂 I love the work you are doing for the people of Haiti, and am eager to help! As I said to you before, I believe my value to you may be greater in my travel business than as a nurse, and I am happy to have been able, to donate a trip to Sandals Resorts that the team will benefit from with a significant financial contribution! Count us in as supporters at Travel Time – TPI! 🙂


April 4 at 6:54 pm, Arlene Scott said:

Safe journey home my friends….you’re all truly amazing!


April 4 at 7:24 pm, Jean Ellis said:

You are all to be commended for such amazing work in Haiti..What a team!
May God Bless you all.


April 4 at 7:55 pm, Joy byrde said:

Thank you & all your amazing team for the wonderful work you have done & continue to do in Haiti! It ‘s been great seeing all the pics on TV via Anthony & team @CBC . Keep up the good work & we will keep cheering you on & feeling enormous pride! Safe travels home~


April 4 at 9:35 pm, Georgie Macfie said:

Sounds like another challenging but rewarding week. Your blogs are great and I’ve enjoyed reading them. Safe journey home


April 4 at 10:12 pm, Marilyn Warford said:

Have a safe trip home…..


April 4 at 10:28 pm, Lillian Buffett said:

The people of Haiti are so blessed to have you and your team working so hard for them. Stay safe and enjoy your family when you get home.


April 4 at 11:02 pm, Tracey Tompkins said:

Just wanted to say how very proud I am of you and your team.I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs everyday after working my own night shift.You guys are heros in my eyes and I am sure in the eyes of the Haitians.As a nurse myself I know the challenges of the job but I cannot imagine the challenges you guys faced.Just wanted to say thanks for all you do.


April 5 at 12:09 am, Joanne said:

Very proud of the work that you all do!


April 5 at 12:11 am, Dawn Alcock said:

Andrew, you are truly an amazing person who is dedicated to bringing help and hope to these people. It touches my heart to see the sacrifice you are making to see lives changed, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These people will never forget you and will be forever grateful for all you and your team has done! May God Bless you and keep you safe in all your travels!


April 5 at 11:37 am, Pauline Welsh said:

Great job once again! Safe travels to the team.


April 5 at 1:39 pm, Gen Bishop said:

Such wonderful work you all do THANKS so much Have safe trip home I am sure there are anxious families waiting to see you..


April 5 at 4:14 pm, Ann Marie Whitten said:

Thanks for all that you do. So very proud of my niece Karen – she is awesome and such a natural. Have a safe trip home.


April 6 at 4:58 pm, maggiepurchase said:

Have a safe trip!


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