One too many mornings…

This is all too familiar. Early, early rise. Drive to the airport in the dark. The cold still biting. The city’s still asleep. The airport lit up like a greenhouse.

This can be the toughest part sometimes… times when I am not so psyched about the trip. To be honest, sometimes I am just exhausted. Dead tired. Worn down. Sometimes, it’s because of the bureaucratic weight of the teams and the organization and keeping everything in motion. Sometimes it’s just too many balls in the air and the tension of making sure nothing drops. Sometimes, I just want a break. Order a pizza. Binge-watch the latest season of House of Cards. Sleep late.

It’s bright inside the airport. Start seeing the familiar faces. The smiles are big. Even bigger are the smiles of the flight agents checking us in. They know all about the team and love to see us coming. There are hugs and coffee and laughs. There’s an energy. An indescribable excitement building with each team member arriving. And that is it. That’s the turning point. It’s the team. It’s the immediate sense of the team that makes those previous feelings fade instantly. Kevin Spacey will have to wait.

Another 30 people. Another 30 families and loved ones, giving up their vacation time to help. That gets me every time! Even though some of the trips become routine, standing here in the airport, watching people make this sacrifice, well, it’s humbling.

I’m a lucky guy. I’m blessed by the energy and support of my own family, who give more than I will ever know. I am inspired by each and every team member, and I’m overwhelmed with a feeling of humility from the support we have received from people across the country. I feel a responsibility to not let them down. To honour their generosity.

I know that there is a lot to do. A lot to accomplish. I know that there are lives to change… patients and our own. I’m ready. Let’s get this mission going!

– Andrew

PS. We all read your Tweets and posts and messages of support. That’s what fuels us for a week in Haiti. Thank you for that and please keep them coming!

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March 22 at 9:45 am, Heather Snow said:

Team Broken Earth: There is no doubt in my mind that God has a bigger plan for each and every one of us! A seed was planted in the minds of a few of you to help a devastated people in a poverty stricken land! That seed grew….and grew…and grew!! Today, you have seen multiple missions, with multiple team members, from multiple cities….all with the same focus: to make a difference!! And a difference you have made!! The people of Haiti desperate for care…the Doctors and Nurses desperate for help…the facilities, so in need of repair and modernization!! The teaching of Medical students…the wealth of skill and knowledge each individual member of Team Broken Earth has contributed, is immeasurable!! You have to feel proud and strong and rejuvenated knowing that a tremendous difference is being made by the tiniest thing you do for the people of Haiti! I am so, so proud of you all!! May God Bless each and every one of you as you do your very best…work your very hardest….give of yourself for the betterment of mankind!! Overwhelming…exhausting…frustrating….sure!! But, at the end of the day, the smiles on the faces of those darling little children, their parents, and the elderly…somehow, must make it all worthwhile!!!!! A life saved…a life forever changed…God Bless You!! May you never “run out of steam”!!!!!! May the love of what you do, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS; give you the strength to carry out “just one more mission”!!!! You make a tremendous difference in those faraway lands…and here at home!! Now, dry those tears, go scrub your hands, and get back to work!! Time’s-a-wastin’!!!! XO
Heather Snow


March 22 at 10:48 am, marilee pittman said:

I am so proud of Team Broken Earth. For those of us who can’t do what you do, you inspire. Keep up the good work.


March 22 at 11:37 am, Eithne Daly said:

Keep updating us on your week, Team Broken Earth. I will be updating my Grade Nine class at Lakewood Academy, Glenwood,
daily on new news.


March 22 at 12:00 pm, Moira Hennessey said:

Best wishes Dr. Furey and Team Broken Earth as you embark on another challenging and productive week in Haiti. I admire your drive, commitment and teamwork .Your broad range of clinical skills and interventions will help significantly to improve health outcomes and the quality of life for many.


March 22 at 1:25 pm, Mary Cahill said:

Proud of the dedication and hard work– of all the teams! You go beyond the call ladies and gents. Andrew, let us all know when you are ready for the home delivery of pizza and someone will fire up Netflix to see what Kevin is up to!


March 22 at 1:46 pm, Lucy Way said:

Team Broken Earth…you are incredible!You make us so very proud!


March 22 at 3:10 pm, Theresa Glynn said:

Team Broken Earth….you guys are amazing…keep up the good work…so many lives are changed for what you do….so so proud.


March 22 at 3:45 pm, Joy byrde said:

So very proud of all the wonderful work you all are doing in Haiti & so very proud to call you “our own” . Loves seeing your posts & pics . Please stay safe & will continue to keep you in our prayers until you once again have done your awesome helping/healing work & return safe to your understanding/supportive families.~Go Team Broken Earth NL~


March 22 at 4:21 pm, Sheila Howard said:

You are a special person ,so full of giving and compassion!Godspeed .


March 22 at 8:43 pm, Margie McFarlane said:

You and your team are an inspiration to everyone who reads about your work. Your dedication makes such a difference to the people of Haiti.


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