Planning and organizing for the week

I’ve heard that perfection is in the details but I beg to differ. I think perfection is found in organization. Maybe that’s the same thing. I’m a doctor not a linguist!  But I believe in the right people doing the right jobs and everything working in balance no matter how stressful it gets. We all work towards that here. And it’s a lesson we take back with us each time.

Anyways, no rest for the weary (or is it the wicked?). All hands were up bright and early today and it’s going to be a full day of clinic for the surgeons. Dr. Fitzpatrick (plastics) and Dr. Sampson (anesthesia) have been working as a team assessing pediatric patients for the OR this week.

Orthopedic surgeons Dr. Jackman and Dr. Moores travelled to the public hospital to triage which patients we could help in our limited time here.  Too many patients, too few hours. Unfortunately that’s always a problem here.

Patricia, an equipment rep for Stryker, has taken over as the lead logistics person, booking patients for surgery and detailing all equipment.   She’s been a real super star for the team this trip.

There was a massive rain storm last night. One of our rooms flooded.  Equipment and wet gear.  Electricity out.  But no dampened spirits.  Everyone is excited to start work tomorrow. It’s just one more hurdle to jump and we’re all pumped to go the distance.

Off to dry the floor…


Ps. Please send along any comments or questions you may have. We really do get by thanks to your support.

3 Responses to “Planning and organizing for the week”

October 21 at 9:15 pm, Mary O said:

True Words Andrew


October 21 at 11:27 pm, janet said:

Well, Noah had a bigger flood, but he only had to deal with animals..well some of your teammates are animals come to think of it…at least the ones that snore!

It is your tenacity that gets you all through it, guys! Stoic islanders on a less rocky island
You are true pioneers with a purpose. That’s why we see the smiles shining through!


October 21 at 11:52 pm, Marilyn Warford said:

I love reading your stories…..the work you people are doing is totally amazing and I am so proud to know you people…….keep the spirit going…..Bless you!


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