So Southward Bound

It was 3 degrees early this morning when I made the trip to the airport. I won’t lie, I’m looking forward to the balmy climate in Haiti! More so, I’m looking forward to picking up where our Calgary team left off.  Those guys did an exceptional job on their 2nd mission.

Got a special guest joining us on this trip… Andrew James O’Brien. Andrew’s played both Rock Ops and has always been such a great supporter of ours. I know this will be a life-changing experience for him as it has been for us all.

These early rises are always tough. Mobilizing 30 people is like organizing a small wedding sometimes. Ended up with some tight connections, especially in Toronto, but I gotta thank Air Canada for holding the flight for us.

This all makes for a long day but the team made it to the hospital in Port-au-Prince and immediately got down to business. We’re all exhausted but just coming through the gates here really amps up your energy. Dr. Barter is running the ER as we speak. Pediatrics has already seen three sick kids. Nat and Leigh Anne are doing an amazing job there.

I’m hoping this will be an early night.

Get a little shuteye. Recharge.

Mission begins for real in the AM.

Night all.