We’re proud to represent Canada in the best way we know how – by helping those who need it most.

Dr. Andrew Furey was shaken upon hearing of the devastation caused by the 7Mw earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010, killing over 200,000 people. That type of destruction is difficult to even fathom. Haiti was in desperate need for help, and Dr. Furey knew his services would be of value. So along with his wife Dr. Allison (who works as a pediatric emergency room doctor), and orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Will Moores, Dr. Furey travelled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to volunteer and do everything possible to help those affected.

Out of this mission, Team Broken Earth was born. There was still so much left to do in Haiti, so Dr. Andrew put together a group of Canadian physicians, nurses, and physiotherapists to provide aid in Haiti over the long term. The commitment from these medical professionals has only grown over the years, making it possible for Team Broken Earth to expand across Canada and continue to help those suffering in Haiti, and more recently, other countries like Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Nepal, and Nicaragua.


Team Broken Earth’s mission is twofold. First, they believe in providing a sustained medical relief effort to those who need it most. They are there until they are no longer needed. Second, Team Broken Earth believes that education creates sustainable, ever-lasting change.

Missions to Haiti and beyond have included a wide range of surgeries and medical treatments as well as rural community health missions, orphanage visits, eye clinics, and physiotherapy. Team Broken Earth secured and delivered an ambulance to Port-au-Prince, supplied new equipment to hospitals and clinics, and even helped add a wing to a hospital building.

Education and training for local medical professionals is at the heart of everything Team Broken Earth does. Improved healthcare in the countries Team Broken Earth supports is the result they continually strive for.


For more information, visit brokenearth.ca