The Energy of Inspiration.

Coming from an island in the raging North Atlantic, it might seem odd that a place like Haiti is more becoming like a second home. It’s been getting easier coming down here with every trip. I like to think that we’re getting it down, becoming more efficient, a little smoother.

Sure, it is always tough to leave home, but there’s always something so inspiring that brings us all back again and again. When I pause to think of the network we are creating, it just makes me so proud of our now national effort. From Calgary’s educational influence to communicating with Vancouver, Halifax and Ottawa about their upcoming trips, you really see the future take shape and for Haiti that means the most important commodity of all… hope. Many hands do lighten the load and, more importantly, they also extend the reach.

The organization of Broken Earth can be grueling at times. Six teams in a three-month period is not unlike organizing six different weddings. It can cause you to lose focus. Run you down. But then the kindness of an individual can completely recharge you. That happened to me just before we left…

One of our team members told me about a patient she had at our hospital in St. John’s. The patient’s name is Loretta and she was so moved by Broken Earth’s work in Haiti that she wanted to help too. Keep in mind this special person is in hospital, as a patient! She got the nurses to purchase first aid kits to bring to Haiti. On top of that, she wants to organize a fundraising dinner when she’s discharged. At a time when most people would be rightfully focused on themselves, Loretta is focused on helping us help the people of Haiti. Even writing this now, I get a rush and want to do more. Thank you for that, Loretta!

Now it’s back to work here in Port-au-Prince. Lot’s to do but thanks to people like Loretta and all our supporters, our team is ready for it.

– Andrew