This tie is too tight…

Despite what some think, I’m not exactly a fan of being in front of a camera! I put it right ahead of performing my own knee surgery without anesthetic. However, I have to put that aside and think of it as being about Broken Earth and what’s happening in Haiti… and not the fact that I’d sooner take step off a pier into St. John’s Harbour than step on stage!

Dr. Natalie Bridger and I have been busy getting ready for TEDx St. John’s. We’re tag-teaming this presentation and we’re both excited and nervous about it. The TEDx team has been excellent to work with… so patient and helpful. Are you attending the event this Friday? I think there are some tickets left. You can grab one here…

I could do a TEDx talk on talking… been doing a lot of it lately! Spoke with the Canadian Association of Medical radiation Technologists a couple of weeks ago. Also, the Workers Health and Safety Compensation Commission who made a generous donation to Broken Earth (thanks again folks!). Going to speak with the Lions Club on Thursday and receive their donation as well. So much generosity, it truly is humbling.

Other team members of Broken Earth are also out there spreading the word. Dr. Art Rideout spoke with the Association for Allied Health Professionals last week and Dr. Jeremy Pridham and nurse Jackie Connelly have spent the last couple of days speaking to other groups. None of us are public speakers but we all believe in the cause. This is as important to future missions as anything else and all kidding aside, we’re always happy to talk about it.

Remember, there are lost of ways (fun ways!) you too can get involved and help the people of Haiti.  The team is busy organizing the golf tournament at Glendenning. Also, love running for a good cause?!? The Running Room’s Canada Day Fun Run in support of Broken Earth is set for July 1st. Details will be posted shortly!

Ok, the tie is back on… talk soon!